"Stop Selling. Start Helping."

My name is Katie Cimino. I sell Subaru and Mazda with Walker's Renton Subaru and Walker's Renton Mazda in Renton, Washington. My selling philosophy is incredibly simple: I'm here to help.

Call or Text: 425-269-8091 || E-mail: loveyourcarkatie@gmail.com

I Sell Great Cars

I sell Subaru & Mazda in Renton, Washington

Shopping for a Subaru or Mazda in the Seattle area? Let's connect!

I work Friday - Tuesday out of our Subaru store located at 555 SW Grady Way, Renton WA 98055.

I'm in from 12:30pm - 7:30pm & by appointment.

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To Great Customers

My customers have only one thing in common: they're awesome.

The goal is to keep things fast, easy and fun. I offer two models:

One Fair Price - No Haggle or

Car Shopping Online Quick Guide

for those who prefer to do more homework. The easiest way?

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Who Love Their Cars

... and so should you. Let me help you find "the one".

Let's work together to find you the right car at a price that works for you and your budget.

The car buying experience should be easy, accessible, and, most importantly, fun.

Work with a professional by letting me help you write your next great automotive love story!

My Approach

I believe in facilitating a simple and transparent purchasing process from start to finish. I offer two options to select and purchase your new vehicle quickly and efficiently.

If you hate the back and forth or the complicated process my

Fair Price No Haggle, Hassle, Homework or Headaches

model might be perfect for you. I've also created a guide on how to shop online for a car if you're interested in doing some legwork on your own:

Shopping Online For a Car the Fast and Easy Way

Core Values

Four core values drive my work. They are my commitment to you when we do business:


I'm (very) direct. I respect your time, your money, and your decision. I respect you enough to both ask for and earn your business.

Service (to the customer AND the community)

The idea that "selling is not something you do to someone, it's something you do for someone."

This work also enables me to be of service in the community at large, facilitating a car buyer's education open house on a volunteer basis multiple times a year.

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Most people purchase a vehicle a few times in their life; I do it every day. To own a car you have to BUY the car so let's embrace that reality and have fun in the process.


All the quotes on this page come from the great sales trainer and author Zig Ziglar. He managed to distill this amazing profession down to its simplest form:

"Selling is an act of love."

Let's Work Together & Let's Simplify the Process

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