Just like you have a choice on where to take your business...

We all have choices on where we spend our professional energy. I choose to and am proud to work for Walker's Renton Subaru. I work with and for some of the best people on the planet who are so counter to the stereotypes of the automotive industry employee.

I have so many reasons I love it here, and here's the short list:

We're Customer Focused

I have never been a part of a more customer centered team. Everything starts with a service mentality at all levels of the organization- a commitment to delivering a stellar experience throughout the entirety of your purchase is a base level expectation here.

Honestly, truly, people who do not share our commitment to serving the customer simply don't last long here.

We're Community Focused

Our dealership invests locally in making our community a better place. When you bring us your business you're supporting a business that supports local schools and education programs right here in Renton.

I gained a huge appreciation for the necessity of community partnerships when I was working in the non-profit sector. I love being on a team that shares my values and feeling that we're all in this together.

I Work With Good People

We're low turnover relative to a lot of car dealerships. We support one another 100%. I can trust any one of my teammates to be equally committed to your having a positive experience while you're here.

This is also a job with a lot of ebbs and flows. I work with people who genuinely care and are at the ready with a cheesey joke as required.

We also have fun and laugh a lot. Otherwise what's the point?

I Work For Good People

I work for people who invest in my personal and professional growth and development. I feel like a valued and contributing member of our team. That's awesome.

I respect the way we do business. I have always been told there's only one right answer in any given situation- the truth.

There's opportunity to grow as an automotive sales professional for anyone who wants to avail themselves of the opportunity here.

I Hope When You Visit

You get to see a small glimpse of what I get to see every day and get to experience what I get to experience.