Here are some frequently asked questions that I get (beyond "what's your best price"- more on that whole best price thing here). I also will be blogging and vlogging regularly so check back often for updated content.

What do you drive?

EEK!! An exciting update: I am now leasing a 2018 Subaru Impreza. I LOVE my new car!! Her name is Sharon because she is a smart, practical, fun gal that still knows how to let her hair down. YAY!

Might as well get this one out of the way- banged up Mazda 3 named Lola. She's so named because she walks like a woman and talks like a man, pretty and zoom zoom. I'll drive her into the ground (update: guess not!) and I love(d) her to pieces.

Not a Subaru? But?

SEE ABOVE! I'm officially in!

How much does a (premium Outback / Limited Forester / insert another car) cost?

I think this is the number one question that most frustrates the online car shopper. You send out e-mail after e-mail asking for a quotes on 18 different cars and trims and seemingly can't get a straight answer.

I get the frustration, and I want to show you an easier way to shop- so much so that I have written a handy dandy guide on how to navigate the car buying process using the internet in the simplest and fastest way possible. Read it here:

Shopping Online For a Car the Fast and Easy Way

I bought and had a great experience! I want to tell my friends! Is there a referral program?

Absolutely. E-mail me at for more information.

I Bought and I Still Have Questions Or Need Further Assistance.

CALL ME. TEXT ME. E-MAIL ME. Carrier pigeon, write me a letter on personalized stationary and seal it with one of those cool wax stamp things. Just no Facetime before 11:00AM or you get what you get (it's terrifying).

Joking aside, real talk: this is why I advocate for the dedicated professional over the price war soldier every single time. This is my career and I care the way you care when it's more than a job- it's your profession. Professionals pick up the phone. Professionals problem solve. Professionals help. Find and work with a professional.

Really Though- What's Your Best Price?

Don't want to read the guide? It's FREE and worth it, I promise:

Shopping Online For a Car the Fast and Easy Way

You're sure? Okay, fine. Best price applies to every car I sell, covers new, covers used, even what I offer you on the vehicle you sell us on trade:

My best price is the price that we agree earns your business, makes you happy, and turns you into a repeat customer for life.

Or read the guide.