Introducing the Newest Member of the Subaru Family

2018 Limited Subaru Impreza
Love Your Car Katie- I LOVE my 2018 Subaru Limited Impreza!!

I am so excited to share my big car news!! I am the newest member of the Subaru family AND I am officially in love! I recently decided to lease a 2018 limited Subaru Impreza with all the bells and whistles from work here at Walker’s Renton Subaru. YAY!! It was a genuine pleasure and privilege to work with my colleagues to get into the right car at a great price.

The 2018 Subaru Impreza is amazing car. I purchased one equipped with the Eyesight Driver Assist Package for safety reasons, and I can honestly say the features and functions have changed my life for the better. I’ll happily walk you through the features and benefits if you’re in the market for one. They are AMAZING.

It was an interesting experience to be back on the other side of the table as the car shopper. It’s easy to forget that making a car purchase is a big decision. I do so many parts of it every day myself but when it was me I had all the hesitations and doubts come flooding back that my customers experience. Talk about a reminder about empathy. Thinking through all the wants and needs and things I loved and the things that weren’t so great about my old car and… well, it’s a long list of considerations as you’re likely aware.

I want to make the experience as easy and fun for you as it ultimately was for me. I knew I was getting a great product with incredible benefits, and there’s nothing quite like the new car smell as you drive off the lot.

See you soon if you want to love your car as much as I officially love mine!