My Number One Tip For a Great Car Buying Experience

I run in a lot of different social circles and stand alone as the only “car guy” (gal) in most of them. As such, I am oftentimes asked for the insider’s advice whenever someone is in the market for a new car- different brand from what I sell of course. Can’t win them all, but if you’re in the market for a Subaru in Seattle… anyway.

It took me awhile to decide what tidbit to offer up to people when they ask. There’s plenty of moving parts to consider, and on reflection I came up with only one suggestion that holds true in all scenarios: keep it in perspective.

I say this because people approach car buying with a sense of anxiety and fear that you don’t really see with any other endeavor. I have theories on why this is- sometimes it’s the amount of money, sometimes it is the mythology around the “evil” car dealership out to “screw you” at every turn, and other times it’s a sense of feeling lost or less informed than you’d like to be.

Occasionally it’s that FOMO feeling (fear of missing out) that seems almost generational- if I buy this car I’ll not be buying any other car for a long long time and zomg oh wow, okay, never mind, I need to think about it and… and…

I always tell my friends though- you thought about it. You did your homework. We’re in an era of transparency and online reviews and price shopping, and access to anything reassuring you could possibly wish for now. It doesn’t have to be frightening, really, or at least no more so than any other endeavor. I’ll even oftentimes ask people how often do you get into your current vehicle lamenting not purchasing the XYZ that you were also considering at the time? I’ve not yet had someone say EVER, even once.

And if you’re the first? It’s not an un-fixable “mistake”! There may be a small price to pay, that, in the scheme of things, means very little in the great big picture of life. And of course Subarus retain value like no other… nah, no sales pitch.

So, punchline on the number one tip for a great car buying experience is so simple: keep it in perspective.

Until next time.

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