Do you love your Subaru? Are you willing to help ME personally help people purchase a Subaru of their very own?

Consider connecting with me to sign up for the Love Your Car Referral Program to get paid for what you’re already doing: evangelizing the brand, the product, and the selling experience of working directly with me.

I am so grateful that a significant portion of my monthly sales come from repeat business and referrals. I’m rewarding the work that you already do on my behalf with the opportunity to share in the success!

How Does It Work?

It’s simple: when I sell a car to your referral you are compensated. I provide tools to help you spread the word online and in person.


Use your social media accounts and other online platforms to spread the word! Upon registration I will send you a pdf with unique tags and social media best practices. All you have to do is what most people already do- spread the word online.

In Person:

I’ll also send you a pdf of a personalized and easily tracked referral print out to hand out to anyone in the market. It makes it easy to make sure you get exactly what you deserve in exchange for your support.

Nah, Too Much:

Fair enough- if you have someone you simply want to send my way here’s how you get “credit” (hand out my contact information freely by the way):

They must ASK FOR ME explicitly and on the front end of the transaction. No oh, by the way my friend…

The must WORK WITH ME DIRECTLY or with someone I refer them to directly.


Seems easy enough, right?

My People!!

I have people who are literally making enough doing this on a monthly basis to essentially be a small part time job. Please think about joining them and helping others love their new car too.