Women In the Car Business Kill It

Women in the Car Business: Girl Power!

I am being a little cautious in knowing my audience here while still wanting to wax philosophical about some big picture considerations. The header here speaks volumes: women in the car business absolutely kill it. This likely reads as a bit gendered but please read it as pattern recognition instead of broad sweeping statements about “stereotypical sex characteristics in modern society.” What can I say: I was a sociology major when I went to the University of Washington. That interest doesn’t exactly die on graduation day.

Indulge me while I speculate on why we’re so successful. It’s fascinating to watch while simultaneously being immersed in it daily myself. I see us crushing it qualitatively in my own dealership where the woman are consistently on the top of the sales board, and quantitatively as the data I have looked at aligns with my experience. It’s fascinating- especially in what’s still a very male dominated organization and industry! So why share it here with you?

This notion has guided me on what qualities make an amazing automotive sales professional and informed my own selling practices. Studies show certain behaviors skew (SKEW) towards female while also contributing to a generally more satisfying customer experience. Examples?


Women are oftentimes recognized professionally for more patience and empathy in the work place.

The ability to “Lean Back”:

Offering strength, knowledge, confidence and competence while meeting people where they’re at. Not ready to buy today? Okay, let us meet you on your terms.

Listening and caring:

Women are credited with strong listening skills and the ability to weigh other people’s needs more heavily than their own.

Social proof of competence:

We have to work hard in this industry to prove ourselves as capable in a “boy job”- so you better believe the successful among us know just as much about the product if not more.

The takeaway? Us gals in the business are here to listen, empathize, care, and serve YOU. I personally find this is true in my own approach. I want to sell you a car that you’ll love with an experience that matches what you deserve.

Food for thought, I think.